We can fix any device.

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Cracked screen? Broken Camera? Sticky Buttons? Casing scartched?

If it comes apart, can be screwed back in and theres a replacement part for it we can fix it. Any smartphone, any tablet, any phablet (yes that is an actually thing) we can repair it for you. Not only can we repair it but we can customize it for you as well. Plus, our prices are cheaper than Geek Squard or anywhere else.

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Having Problems with your desktop or laptop?

Whether is your monitor or you keyboard we can fix it. If you computer or laptop is running slow then come see us. Even all you need is some hardware upgrades or  the infamous Blue Screen of Death. We can help you out.  We are resourceful and experience and are always willing to help. Even if you aren't sure if we can fix it call us anyway because we KNOW we can.

Not good with windows or mac? One of your programs acting up?

With new operating systems and iTunes updages coming out every week its hard to learn how to use the software let alone figure out how to use the new stuff.  We offer classes to show you everything you want to know or just that one thing. Maybe your photoshop isn't working right or your outlook is giving you error messages. Please, don't frustrate yourself just come see us and we'll fix it for you.

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need a website

Yes, we do website design to. Please inquire. Rates may very depending on complexity

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Want to learn how to use something? We'll get you up to speed!

how to use/work your phone

Sometimes it seems like every other day a new smartphone comes out. Learning how to use it if you are a very tech savvy person can be irritating. Contact us or visit our Classes link. We'll teach you whatever you want to know without technical jargon you don't understand. We keep it simple so we can teach and you can learn.

Windows & Mac OS

Operating systems are feature rich and can be intimidating. That's why we are here. We'll teach classes for Windows and Mac OS and we only teach the things you want to know.

Software & Smartphone apps

Have you ever wanted to learn Excel or Powerpoint? Perhaps you want to know if Outlook does anything to make your job easier. Or maybe you are curious about how to use photoshop or a particular app on your phone or tablet. Whatever the program and no matter the reason we can teach you how to use it or bring in someone who can if we don't know how.

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